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Weight Training For Fat Loss

Putting on a few pounds of weight may not be that troublesome to those who enjoy a carefree and easy-going life. Needless to mention that it is only negligence that is blameworthy for the rising concern on weight management across the globe.

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7 Secrets to stay shredded year long

We have chosen to talk about and unveil some secrets about a fit lifestyle sustainable for a year long duration through this post. Are you wondering what magical recipe will this post uncover or are you desperately waiting for some unheard piece of suggestion that can get you shredded without a hitch?

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On becoming Tarun Gill

Tarun Gill

About Two years ago, my life changed when i uploaded my first video on Youtube. I was frustrated. I had left my corporate job of an investment banker to follow my passion of making a great career in the fitness industry.

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