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Why won’t your muscles grow? : Over Exercising

Why won’t your muscles grow? : Over Exercising

Have you been working out tough in the gym and still wondering why can’t you see those gains?Well, if the problem is with your workout, it can be either of the following

  • Under Exercising or
  • Over Exercising

That’s plain to see! Like everything else exercise should also be done in moderation, not less and of course not more than what is actually required. If you have been working out for quite a long and still only expecting results, chances are you might be overworking your muscles.

The question remains, how to identify if you are really over doing it?

  • You don’t take days off: If you don’t realize the importance of taking breaks and resting after your workout days, you are probably missing out the cushion every time. You must not lose sight of the fact that in order to grow, you must rest. The muscle fibers that get torn and damaged when you exercise need some recovery time to grow and this is a fairly well-known fact now. If you are not taking enough rest, you are simply skipping the growth phase and heading more towards catabolism.
  • You work out till you feel dizzy: It’s good to have a great vigorand a sky-high endurance but if you are habitual of testing your endurance to the limit where you start feeling dizzy every day, this would only lead you to distress. Feeling off-balance is a clear indication that you are over doing it and it should not be ignored no matter what. This not only prevents your gains but can also lead to certain medical complications in the long run.
  • You rep it countlessly: Are you a newbie who just can’t stop pulling out those reps until your hands give up completely? Please don’t mistake repping light weights countlessly with death sets. It is often seen that people (mostly newbies) would stick to lighter weights for maximum reps. The problem is that you won’t even get a proper stretch is your muscle fibers and still end up tiring those muscles down. This certainly isn’t a recipe to growth.
  • Your work out sessions last more than 90 minutes daily: This is just another indication that you might be over doing it. If your workout lasts more than 90 minutes daily, your body has a comparatively higher probability of entering muscle catabolism. Though, BCAAs come to your rescue in such a situation, more than 90 minutes is not actually what you require to grow.
  • You are sore every time: No pain, no gain. Right? That’s absolutely correct. ‘All pain, no gain’ is the next truth you have to deal with if you are sore seven days in a week. You train to be healthy and happy and anyways being sore all the month can’t ensure growth in any manner. This is again another clue that you might be over exercising your muscles.

The take home message is that you should not be afraid to rest in between your workout routine. Let your body recover from the fatigue and exhaustion. This only helps your muscles relax and grow better. Rest does not mean idleness. Taking proper rest is as important for muscle growth as any workout session if not more. Take rest and be thankful to life.

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