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7 Secrets to stay shredded year long

Why won’t your muscles grow? : Over Exercising

We have chosen to talk about and unveil some secrets about a fit lifestyle sustainable for a year long duration through this post. Are you wondering what magical recipe will this post uncover or are you desperately waiting for some unheard piece of suggestion that can get you shredded without a hitch?

As opposed to all that you can imagine about the secret prescription to stay lean and muscular, the reality is still based on the facts we already know. The only problem is the unawareness amongst people. Instead of looking around for secrets under wraps, let us recover what is already known but rarely followed.

  • Regularity in Training: It is important that a training routine be maintained year long and this becomes compulsory if you are really desperate about a shredded physique. If you are someone who keeps skipping his/her training sessions, your desire to get shredded has high possibilities to turn off.
  • Proper Hydration: Keeping the body hydrated the entire day is not only necessary to get lean and muscular but this also accounts for the overall wellbeing of the person. Heavy training schedule and inapt weather conditions may leave your body dehydrated, demanding a necessary maintenance of the fluid level in your body through proper intake of water and electrolytes. There is no general rule for the amount of water one needs and it can be judged based on an individual’s activity and requirements. Also, it is advisable to drink some water before preparing to have your food. This helps you resist the unwanted and extra calories you would possibly consume in the absence of such a habit.
  • Accurate Nutrition: It is the most unintelligent conjecture that to build a decent physique, you just need to give it all to your training and feed on whatever is made available to you. Those who still live in skepticism should know thatdoing a hundred sit ups and an unregulated dietis quite analogous to cleaning your clothes and then jumping into the mud with the clean clothes. You make no progress whatsoever. To make a change in how you look and then sustain that change you first of all need to know what to eat. The importance of a precise nutrition based on the individual’s goal should be realized.
  • Introducing Variations in Training: Even though it demands consistency in diet and training, a consistency in pattern of either is not what you want. Every time you get comfortable with a set of exercises, you need to switch the pattern. The tactic of making alterations and leaving the comfort zone every time prevents you from resting down on your growth or technical said, it doesn’t let you hit a plateau.You can reshape your training schedule, introduce new exercises or even try the old ones with new variations, whatever suits you.
  • Keep a check on form and injuries: If your goal is to keep fit and shredded round the year, you simply cannot afford to ignore the risk of injuries.You need a continuous and uninterrupted routine to achieve your goal. You cannot continue with your training for long, if you are careless with your form when performing exercises. It is highly recommended that either you attain enough knowledge before working out on strenuous movements or perform them under proper supervision. This way you will not only benefit by proper results but also prevent yourself from getting injured anytime.
  • Make it a lifestyleHave you switched on to a diet plan and geared up to get shredded this season with a thought that you won’t need the diet anymore once you get built? If you nod your head in positive to this, you probably don’t know that successful people do daily what others do occasionally. You simply can’t get what you want in matter of days or months and then quit and expect to remain the same. If you ever think of fitness as a destination, you would only distance yourself more from your goal. Think of it as a way of life and experience nonstop improvements by sheer determination. It’s a lifestyle. Choose to live it that way.
  • Stay away from myths and don’t look for shortcuts: Last in the sequence but equally important is keeping away from distracting myths and false claims that guarantee results through various deluding commercials. Do not go for a guaranteed fat loss program which says you can do it without any exercise and diet, simply by using their product. Also look for a strong reason and scientific explanation behind everything you collect into your ears just because believing and practicing things blindly may land you in trouble any day.

After going through this article you must have figured out that there is no so called secret to get fit. It all depends on how well we implement things we already know. There is a lot more to cover that remains beyond the scope of brevity. I think, I managed to cover my top seven picks which must be considered to stay shredded year long.

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