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Weight Training For Fat Loss

Weight Training For Fat Loss

Putting on a few pounds of weight may not be that troublesome to those who enjoy a carefree and easy-going life. Needless to mention that it is only negligence that is blameworthy for the rising concern on weight management across the globe. If you go searching, you will find that India alone claims more than 10 million reported cases of Obesity round the year. Clearly innumerable cases go unnoticed and this figure remains ever growing.

A rounded abdomen does not only make you feel uneasy about it but also serves an invitation to life threatening health issues both at the same time. Some people are just kind of okay living with it but for the rest of those who are struggling to get fit from fat, here is an important question that they need to answer for themselves. Are you really ready to put in all you got to get there? If your answer is yes, the very first thing you will have to do is closing your eyes and ears to unnecessary suggestions and deluding commercials claiming guaranteed fat loss. You must understand that there is no fat burner out there better than your determination. Now you be that fat burner and burn those layers around your body. All you need to do is follow a scientific approach.

“What’s the science behind fat loss?”

Everything around you is nothing but plain and simple science andfactually none of them go against the law of nature. Likewise there is a simple law to weight management as well. If you acquire more energy than you spend round the clock, you are bound to gain weight. Clearly now, if your goal is to lower your weight you need to spend more energy than you acquire every day. You can also choose to acquire lesser energy than you spend by eating less but things work well only after coupling both the stratagems.

Considering the ways to spend more energy, what comes promptly to you mind? Running, Skipping or Treadmills? Following are the two most accredited approaches to spending energy and burning calories:

  • Cardiovascular exercises
  • Resistance training or weight Training

People who think that they are going to get lean running on the treadmills and doing crunches for like forever, are not completely wrong. Whatever physical activity you perform, you are definitely going to spend those calories. However, there co-exists another approach to burning the same calories with far more better results. We call it resistance training or weight training.

What are the benefits of Weight Training over Cardio?

Cardio is a shorthand dialect or slang generally used when talking about cardiovascular fitness. It has a direct relation with the cardiovascular system in the human body which constitutes the heart and the circulatory system. Cardiovascular exercises make your heart pump more oxygenated blood around the body and consequently also help the heart and the circulatory system grow stronger meanwhile burning calories whereas weight training lets you burn calories while you tone your muscle fibers.

Following facts would be worth considering to understand the benefits of resistance training for weight loss specifically:

  • Weight management: Weight training has a variety of advantages the most pronounced being weight management. Its helps you shed unwanted fat deposits alongside improving muscle mass density. Though losing fat and building muscles both at the same time is not very practical but this is generally achievable in phases of months.
  • Looks do matter: Jogging, running around and doing all those cardiovascular drills won’t give you that aesthetic look. On the other hand Weight Training with added resistance helps you tone your muscles and earn that aesthetic look you have always aspired for.
  • Is it the fat or muscle you are losing?: It is important to understand that when you burn calories there is no way you can dictate your body whether to burn fat or muscles for energy. Weight training comes with an added advantage that you can burn those calories and keep your muscle mass intact. It’s no new science that when you stretch and flex your muscles during resistance training, you break the muscle fibers which then grow better if fed with adequate protein through a balanced diet.
  • Building Strength and Endurance: Strength and Endurance are two aspects of weight training. Lifting weights not only helps your muscles get stronger but also builds up stamina over the course of time. Experts say heavy weights with low to moderate repetitions are the key to strength whereas moderate weights with higher repetitionsadd to endurance. Even if you are looking forward to build strength, it would be advisable to go with moderate weights if you are a beginner.
  • Boost in athletic performance: The perception that only running can build stamina is somewhat incorrect. The stamina you build up from weight training increases your athletic performance miraculously. The only point worth considering would be that it requires patience, punctuality and discipline.
  • True solution to Stretch marks and flabby skin: After having lost a considerable amount of weight the next unwelcomed issue generally faced is the loose skin and the resulting stretch marks. Despite the Internet being saturated with remedies to loose skin, none of them seem to actually work. No oil or cream can get you anything other than disappointment. What’s the reason for Stretch marks and flabby skin? It’s nothing but the extra skin that used to hold up your fat and now that the fat is lost it is left hanging around. You can either leave it up to the elasticity of your skin and wait for it to shrink back or you can fill it up again, this time with muscles (consider an example of saggy arms). Though this is not a full proof remedy but this is what actually works if surgical treatment is not an option.

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